Cinetoro Expèrimental Film Festival


20 May 2024
Call for entries

24 Jul 2024
Final deadline


15 Sep 2024
Notification date

05 Nov 2024
11 Nov 2024


Cra 5 26A - 50 apto 402,  760024, Toro, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 45'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 45'<
 Any language
Spanish English
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Festival start: 05 November 2024      Festival end: 11 November 2024

CINETORO is projected as a transdisciplinary Festival-School, dedicated to curatorial practice and the training of filmmakers; building bridges between emerging talents and prominent national and international artists, and promoting analysis and criticism related to the production and thinking behind experimental cinema and animation.

We advocate for a cinema where poetry and art dialogue; that draws its limit beyond the perimeter of spectacularity, of technical correctness, of the topics and forms on the agenda. It is an imperfect cinema, which accepts its artisanal condition and is concerned with the recovery of the consciousness of corporeality; reflecting, problematizing and questioning the construction of image and sound.

Cinema with a territorial imprint, which redesigns, mutates and pronounces itself before the world. Resignifying the territory, transforming the perspective on rurality and providing the community with spaces for the appropriation of knowledge.

Best Experimental Film Curation Teratological Notes

Mythical Beings
Spectral Beings
Mutant Beings
Amorphous Beings
Bestial Beings

Which stories create other bodies and which bodies create other stories?

Festival Dates: November 5th to 11th, 2024, Toro, Valle del Cauca.

We know that Toro was a Valley of American Mastodons, that these vast animals actually existed before us in this territory... Still, we have to imagine them.

Teratology is a scientific discipline that examines individuals diverging from the norm of their species, searching (de)formitys, mutations, disruptions, and interstices between anomalous members. The interstice is the gap that mediates between two bodies or in the void that exists between two parts of the same body. Intervals, cracks, openings, fissures: the possibility of seeing in non-space, or the multiple construction of other possible spaces.

The 2024 edition of the CINETORO Festival focuses on the power to construct worlds that propose collisions, kinships, paradoxes; as well as sightings of other bodies, hybrids, animals, beasts; dialogues between the human and the non-human, which, from cinema and art, compel us to seek critical alternatives or "malformations" to make diverse interconnections. Interspecies relationships, symbiosis, unusual encounters with the other: beings that challenge us and reveal what we are.

Teratological Notes follow the track of works that question the relationships with which our body transcends. Hybrid, spectral, mythical relationships: cosmic journeys amid wild existences. Fabrics that are assembled to follow the path of threads and find crucial patterns that build possible collaborations and exchanges between multiple species.


Mythical Beings/ Official National Competition: Legendary creatures we've been hearing about for a while, "the legends." Program dedicated to highlighting national experimental production, emphasizing animation made from the arts in Colombia. Competition aimed at nationally renowned artists.

Spectral Beings/ Official International Competition: Spectral entities that we see even from a distance. Program focusing on spred international experimental film production, prioritizing references to animation made from the arts on other continents. Competition aimed at established artists.

Mutant Beings/ Emerging Official Competition: Hybrid beings in transition, seeking their place in the world. This section promotes new talents, debutant artists, and filmmakers. Guiding them in their first explorations and providing a platform for them to find their audience.

Amorphous Beings/ CinetoroArt Competition: Irregular bodies that defy the limits of the world. A section dedicated to video art, new media, expanded formats, transmedia, and video installations. A potential space for dialogue among different formats.

Bestial Beings/ Mid-length Film Competition: This program is dedicated to films with a duration ranging from 25 to 45 minutes. We want to celebrate national and international proposals that, due to their nature or impulse, require a duration that goes beyond standardized time and for that reason do not have many spaces in the jungle of festivals.

#teratological #spectral #mythical #amorphous #bestial #nature #hybrids #transformation #movement #sound #revelation #conversion #reformulate #change #reconfigure

Festival Dates: November 5th to 11th, 2024, Toro, Valle del Cauca.

Here we look different!
THE NEW PERSPECTIVE... Going beyond the established. Breaking the mold. Stepping out of the line. Creating... Taking from the everyday the experience, the sensations, flavors, sounds, And creating from your story, your voice. Experiences distant from yours. Hidden voices. The experience in experimentation: possibility, disruption, narratives, and aesthetics.

We accept works with challenging and diverse content, but we do not support misogynistic, sexist, racist, classist, and homophobic works in all their forms

Participation Guidelines:

Films submitted to participate in the 17th edition of the Cinetoro Film Festival must meet the following requirements:

• Works must have a duration of 1 to 45 minutes.
• Works must have been completed and finished between 2022 and 2024.
• International works in non-Spanish languages must have Spanish subtitles.
• If the work is in Spanish, it must have english subtitles.
• Submissions will be exclusively online through the Festhome platform or our website
• Films must have rights to all artistic material appearing in the work.
• The festival gives priority to premieres of national and international works.
• Films that are not properly registered will not be accepted.
• Owners of selected films consent to their exhibition in both physical venues and the possible virtual exhibition that may take place this year.
• The festival commits to circulating selected films in our partner festivals such as Alucine Media Art Latin Fest in Canada and Cinemattic in Scotland, without exclusive distribution rights.
• CINETORO understands that the person responsible for the work (director, producer, distributor) owns the distribution and copyright rights. The festival relies on the good faith of the registrants and is under no circumstances responsible for disputes regarding music rights, image rights, or authorship of the work or its components.
• The festival does not pay screening fees.


The festival will program films and works in different sections as deemed appropriate. Sections are designed annually according to the curatorial committee's criteria. You will receive information about the sections when you receive our email selecting your work. Selected works will be included in the official festival catalog.

Selected works will be notified by email and published on our website on September 15 of the current year.
Selected works, once notified, must send the following files to the festival organization via the Internet, within the deadlines required by the film traffic control:

• Digital file in .MOV / MP4 format (1920 X 1080) in its original resolution with H.264 compression scheme or higher for at least 6 seconds. // DCP file "Flat" 1:85:1 (Optional)
• AUTHORIZATION: Work Use License (Completed and signed) the organization will provide the format via
• Poster of the work in JPG format 72dpi in its original size
• 1 Photograph of the director of the work in JPG format 72dpi
• 2 frames of the work in JPG format 72dpi
• Photographs and promotional material of the work will be used by the festival organization to promote the participation of the work within the framework of the festival and festival activities.
• Project trailer (Optional)

If you have any questions about the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us at

By signing the registration form, the filmmaker authorizes the CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL to use all promotional materials submitted, including, among others, frames, descriptions, director biography, and film screening history in any and all media forms for the express purpose of promoting and advertising the festival. Please note that the CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL may request filmmakers' authorization to use clips from official selection films for television and internet advertising. However, the festival will limit the footage to less than a minute and will not authorize television broadcast of any work without the direct consent of the filmmaker and/or producers.



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