Festival u22 (4)


24 Sep 2021
Call for entries

17 Jul 2022
Final deadline


14 Aug 2022
Notification date

16 Sep 2022
18 Sep 2022


Parc de Montjuïc,  08038, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2020
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
Catalan English Spanish
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Photo of Festival u22
Photo of Festival u22

Photo of Festival u22
Photo of Festival u22


Festival start: 16 September 2022      Festival end: 18 September 2022

The u22 Festival is the young film festival of Barcelona. If you are young and talented, this is your place! 5 days of festival at the Joan Miró Foundation, Picasso Museum and Zumzeig cinemas.

500€ of rental of material for the winning footage and a 25% discount for all those selected.

Kit of 2 Nanlite Forza 60 Cromalite
6 months of Epidemic Sound for the shorts of the Official Selection, 12 for the finalists and 3000 € in licenses of Epidemic Sound for the winner
Fujifilm X-T30 + XF18-55mm camera
1 year of Filmin for the short winner, and 3 months for the finalist footage

Prizes subject to change during the months leading up to the festival.

Letto announces the fourth edition of Festival u22 (u22 festival) of young cinema of Barcelona in order to promote the creation and promotion of short films (and microfilms) in any of their types, as well as to boost and enhance the cultural and social development of the community of young filmmakers.

The Festival aims to frame the thinking of young people, so it does not require that the presented films address a specific theme.

In order to participate with a film, the following conditions must be met.

The lead author (or lead authors) must be 22 years of age or younger at the time of filming.
The film must have been produced after January 2020.

Any topic and genre is allowed. The film must be presented in video format, and must be prepared for a projection without 3D or 4D, nor can it be virtual reality or similar.

Although it is not a requirement, local films, the teams of which can attend the festival are prioritized.

Compliance with the participation terms.
Except for the specific circumstances in which the Festival Organization might consider it appropriate to extend the term of presentation of films by one or both of the authorized channels, the films must be submitted before the deadline: 18.07.2022.

It is also important to remember the following aspects.

Regarding the Festival Organization, presenting a film does not entail any cost.

The same person or group of people may submit more than 1 film.

It is not necessary to present the film exclusively to the Festival.

Neither the Festival nor its Organization, assume the costs of attending the Festival (transportation, accommodation, diets, etc.). Nevertheless, in case you need help in the host city, or need a transport or recommended accommodation at a better price (if available), it is recommended to contact support@u22.me.

There are two possible ways of submitting a film (or more) to the Festival.

Through FestHome (following the steps and information requested on the same platform).

Through submissions@u22.me (adding the name and age of the creator or main creators, and a link to a viewing platform such as Vimeo, Drive or YouTube).

The Festival Organization disclaims any liability arising from the content of the film and/or the film presented at the Festival (for example, but not limited to, the derivative of intellectual property, of the transferred rights, of the transfer of rights per se, etc.). Nor is it responsible for the accuracy, originality, validity and/or veracity of the documentation submitted by the participants.

The person who presents a film to the festival (representative or participant) must have all the necessary rights on the film to present it to the Festival in compliance with these Terms. The responsibility derived from the presented film, compliance with the bases of the Festival and current legislation falls on it. Also, the representative will be the only person needed to negotiate or request permission for any matter related to the participation of the film in the festival; they will ensure themselves beforehand that they have the power to make all the necessary decisions.

By submitting a film, by tacit consent, the person who submits it accepts these terms.
Assignment of all necessary rights (for example, but not necessarily limited to, public communication and reproduction) to project the full film at the Festival (in one of the semifinalist's projection sessions and, if selected, in the final). Also the assignment of all the necessary rights (for example, but not necessarily limited to, public communication and reproduction) to exhibit the films selected and screened during the Festival on the regional television channel 'Canal 33' and, if an agreement is made during the months leading up to the festival with the VSOD platform ‘Filmin’, the films will be part of a temporary catalog there. The footage cannot be altered. This assignment is irrevocable, and the duration and territory is from the presentation until December 31, 2023, in Spanish territory.

Assignment of all necessary rights (for example, but not necessarily limited to, use) of the additional provided material (trailer, poster, stills, still photographs, etc., if provided) for its adaptation and use for promotional materials of the festival (promotional and commercial supports, edition of books, booklets, publications, announcements, publications in social networks, etc.). In any case, it will always be for purposes related to the dissemination of the Festival and / or the participating authors. This assignment will be irrevocable, and the duration and territory are limited to those of this edition of the Festival (dates and place of the edition).

Availability to collaborate in the promotion of the authors, their films and the Festival by the representatives of the film (except for any case of justifiable force majeure). That is, for promotional events, interviews, television shows, etc. The acts, if any and if an explicit agreement between the parties does not agree otherwise, would be held in Barcelona (and surroundings).

The main criteria, among other aspects, are the technical quality, the idea, the creativity, the script, the adaptation to the requirements of the festival, the direction of photography and art, the direction, the interpretation, the sound, and the music. In addition, local films (same state of origin or residence as the one of the Festival) and those of the invited international schools are prioritized. The decision will be final and unappealable.

An open call is announced before the final date of submission to be part of the Selection Panel of the Festival. To be part of it, an application form must be filled in and the Festival coordination team (and ultimately the Festival director) selects the team. To do this, the following elements are taken into account: experience and training, being preferably under 30 years old, similarity to the Festival's vision according to the answers. At the end the members who will be part of the selection panel will be contacted; those members will be disqualified if a work of theirs has participated and passed the first selection (explanation of the process below).

The coordinating team (and ultimately the Festival director) proceeds to make a first selection in which those films that do not meet the requirements, are not of sufficient level, etc, are not selected. Then, the aforementioned selection panel is responsible for preparing the Festival’s Official Selection. Selection panel members evaluate all the submissions remaining. To do this, the Festival director will guide the screening sessions by introducing the shorts and explaining the Festival's common criteria. Each member of the selection panel, which does not include the Festival Direction, values ​​with a numerical rating of 0 to 100 each short. The first films that, added up, fill the final session of the Festival, will be those selected from the Official Selection. The Festival Direction reserves the right to admit certain works so that they enter the Off Selection, a parallel section of the festival reserved to all those films that have not entered the Official Selection numerically but which, due to their artistic value and adaptation to the values of the festival, are considered suitable to be part of it.

The official selection will be announced openly on the festival's website, and on Festhome and/or by mail; subsequently to the selection, the projection sessions in which films are projected will be communicated. A scan or photograph of the ID of the main creator (or group of creators), the permission to download the film in Festhome or the request for a download link of the projection file, additional material (frames, photographs, trailer, poster) will be requested, synopsis, etc.), etc. If participation is not confirmed within 7 days of the announcement, the Festival Organization reserves the right to directly cancel the semifinalist classification.
The selected films will be viewed by the public throughout the Festival.

During the sessions of the Official Selection prior to the final, the public will vote on the finalists: two votes per person. The most voted films of each session will go as finalists. The number of finalists will depend on their duration. If there is still significant time to complete the final but the next most voted short cannot enter due to duration, the next most voted will do.

Finally, the Organization will complete the final if necessary, considering the criteria of the Festival Direction and the logistics of the final. Also, the attendance to the Festival is essential to be a finalist; the decisions of the Organization are final and unappealable. The final projection will last approximately 90 minutes.

In the final, a jury will decide the winning film. The decisions of this jury will be final and unappealable. Thanks to the sponsors and/or collaborators of the Festival, it is possible to offer prizes to the finalists and the winning film. The Organization is not responsible for the product or service of the collaborators.

Notwithstanding this, the festival reserves the right, in an exceptional case, to alter the prizes. In addition, in the case of not being present in the final, the Organization would determine what to do with the prize (and its decision will be final and unappealable).

The Festival Organization is responsible, when possible and with the right to cancel the edition for any reason (even without specifying it) at any time, to carry out the edition of the u22 Festival. Any dispute or issue that arises during any phase of the Festival and is not contemplated in this document, or if the Organization deems its interpretation criteria necessary, will be ultimately resolved by the Directors of the Festival, Marc Esquirol and Jordi Sanz; and his decision will be final and unappealable. When organizing the edition, this document may receive some modifications before the confirmation of the official selection.

The presentation of a film implies the understanding and acceptance of these terms.



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